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Daylight Tunnel EndingEatons Tunnel: Tunnel #21 - 1, 840 Feet

The Headline in the Parkersburg News on June 7, 1963 read,
"B&O Tunnel Cave-in Traps Two at Eaton's." A number of men
were working on the old 1867 tunnel as part of an improvement
project, but the tunnel collapsed trapping two men. One man,
buried under rock and debris, was able to speak and was
recovered. After being trapped for approximately 18 hours, the
rescued man was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed
on later due to his injuries. The other man was still trapped and
missing under the rock and dirt of the tunnel cave-in.

Sadly, the other missing man who remained trapped could not be found. Despite efforts to locate him, the
tunnel was so unstable for the rescue to continue. The rescue efforst were halted and the tunnel entrance
was covered in mounds of dirt. Part way through the tunnel were the cave-in occured, it was sealed with
concrete and dirt, entombing the man who remained there and has been his final resting place ever since.

A new tunnel was constructed in 1963 almost parallel to the old 1867 tunnel. Today, the new tunnel is part
of the Rails to Trails. However, one of the entrances to the old tunnel can still be seen if you walk through the
new tunnel and turn to your left and go up over the hillside. It is a small hole, and inside it is muddy, wet, and
dangerous. The ceiling of the tunnel is crubled apart, and there is around 7-10 feet of water a foot away from
the entrance. Farther back, you may see the wall of concrete where a man's body lies under rock and debris
of the fallen tunnel.

Another less popular explanation to the specter in the tunnel could be a man, Thomas Nashvill Johnson Jr.,
who died on April 8, 1859 at Eatons, Wood Co. WV when he was killed in a construction accident at Eatons Tunnel. He is buried at Mounts Cemetery, Eaton, Wood County, WV.

Historic Tunnels - W.V. Paranormal Investigation TeamSilver Run Tunnel: Tunnel #19 - 1, 376 Feet

Legend has it that on foggy, moonlit nights near the Silver Run Tunnel, a beautiful woman in a long, flowing dress appears. For many years trains traveled through the hills between Grafton (Near Tygart Lake State Park) and Parkersburg. When the train's engineer brought his train to a shuttering screeching halt in the Silver Run Tunnel on a foggy evening in 1910, his crew, and his bosses, thought that he was crazy. Up until that time he had been afraid to tell the story.

A beautiful woman with raven hair, a long white gown with jeweled brocade would be standing in the middle of the tracks at the far end of the tunnel, but when he stopped the train, no one was there.

The Railroad changed engineers, but the next engineer saw the same beautiful woman at the Silver Run Tunnel. He too repeatedly stopped the train, to find no one. Late one night, as he neared the tunnel, the woman was standing on the moonlit tracks. He threw open the train throttle and roared forward. Phones began to ring in to the Parkersburg railroad terminal. "A train just passed with something white on the front. It looked like a woman," said the callers. When the train arrived in Parkersburg, there was nothing-not even a raveling of clothing or a hint that anything had touched the front of the train.

Where did the woman come from? Where did she go? And why did she want the train to come to a screeching halt? Only the ghost of Silver Tunnel knows for sure.

However, there may be another explanation to the haunting at Silver Run.There was once an abandoned house in Silver Run that was torn down many years ago. Workers discovered a skeleton of a woman dressed in a bridal gown walled up inside the chimney. The remains were never identified, however, the remains of this woman were given burial in a cemetery near the Silver Run Tunnel.

Whether these stories are true or not, there have been many occasions where photos have revealed
strange shapes, ghostly sounds, strange mists, and more than noticable temperature changes.

Flinderation Tunnel #2Flinderation Tunnel: Tunnel #2 - 1, 086 Feet

Two known stories surround the Flinderation Tunnel just outside of Salem.
One such story tells of a train wreck on the Flinderation Rail where a group of men were working on the tracks and were unaware of a train entering the tunnel. One of the men was said to be unable to get into a cubby hole in time, and the train caught him causing it to derail. When the Railroad then closed the tunnel from traffic, reports still arose of the lights from a train and the sounds of a whistle coming through the tunnel at night.

Another strange story is of a group of *** members who used to use this tunnel to take their victims to do their lyching and rituals. Though it has been many years since the incidents, some claim a train whistle can still be heard along with other various sounds including screaming, metal scraping on metal, and sobbing.

Bonds Creek Train WreckBonds Creek Train Wreck: Tunnel #13 - 353 Feet

On May 31, 1956, the B&O Westbound National Limited passenger train wrecked as it emerged from Tunnel #13 and the engine tumbled into Bonds Creek on the north side of the bridge. The engineer, Joseph C. Riley, and the fireman, Paul R. Hooten, were killed in the wreck. Forty-five other persons on the train were injured in the wreck, including members of the train crew, other railroad employees and 29 passengers.

Cornwallis Tunnel # 13Bonds Creek: Tunnel #13 - 353 Feet

Nowhere is it written, that we could find, the reason strange things happen at Cornwallis Tunnel. However, many people dedicated their lives to the B&O Railroad and perhaps some its workers still reside within its walls.

Some reports tell of cold winds eminating from the tunnel, pictures of glowing figures, strange EVPs and a feeling of paranoia

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